Saturday, January 29, 2011

Classic Theme Tunes

I love the old vocal theme tunes that used to accompany TV shows. These cleverly crafted songs managed to sum up the whole show in 60 seconds and would perfectly prepare you for what you were about to watch. Unfortunately they seemed to pretty much die out in the 90s and most shows now either have a short instrumental piece or no theme at all. So for your enjoyment here are 6 of my all time favorites...

Happy Days
Sounding like a classic 1950s single, the song fits the show probably better than any other theme tune has managed.

The Fall Guy
"It's true I hire my body out for pay" - I do charge for that service, just to cover expenses.

Diff'rent Strokes
"The world don't move to the beat of just one drum" - We could all learn a little here.

Sung by Al Jarreau and nicely setting the scene for shocking images of Bruce Willis with hair.

What the show lacked in story lines it made up for in semi naked women and this intro song. If only David Hasselhoff had sung it!

I wonder, if Friends had started 5 years later would have had the same catchy Rembrandts tune or ended up with an instrumental?

Finally, an honorable mention to HBO, with shows like Big Love reusing clasic pop songs to great effect they are keeping the vocal theme songs tradition kinda alive. Here's the music from True Blood. It's a song by Jace Everett called 'Bad Things' and although it wasn't originally recorded for the HBO show it sounds perfect and really sets the mood for Sookie, Bill & co...

What's your favourite?

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