Wednesday, February 2, 2011

British TV Podcast Show #70 - Timothy Spall

The British TV Podcast with Chrissy & Ryan Show 70 has a feature on actor Timothy Spall. Currently he's playing Winston Churchill in "The King's Speech" but his TV career stretches all the way back to the classic 1983 series "Auf Wiedersehen Pet." We'll also talk about his son Rafe.

"Lark Rise To Candleford" is canceled by the BBC which prompts a discussion about what is the natural lifespan of a TV series? Are BBC comedies too middle class (the Controller of BBC1 thinks so). The Doctor does the introduction to the National Television Awards and then fails to win any. And Sky Atlantic begins in the UK, a pay channel running mostly HBO shows but with commercials.

"Marchlands," a new spooky series begins this week on ITV1, as does the science fiction drama "Outcasts" on BBC1.

Listen to Show 70

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